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La fille au coeur de Poivron Orange

I'm mad as a hatter and still the sanest of us all

17 January
Updated bio; 02.June.2005

Salut, I'm Iza, french-canadian, québécoise, I live in Québec City, Canada [ben, à Lévis, au bord du fleuve. Mais c'est tout comme]. Je poste parfois en français, although I'm bilingual due to sporadically living in Vancouver BC in the past decade [hence the username]. Like every 7 years it seems [it's a weird cycle in my life], I'm undergoing a transition phase right now. 2004 was a year of drastic changes in my life and now in 2005 I'm raising from the ashes like the phoenix. Haha dont worry I'm usually not all that cryptic in my LJ!! Vraiment pas....

I use LJ to post photos, rant, I look at it a couple times a week to relax and spend some time drinking tea and relaxing, I comment frequently and I like the fact that you get to "find" [I wont use the word, "meet"] people with whom you have affinities and would like to meet in real life and be friends with. I also frequent the zine communities as I am a zinester, et j'ai créée une communauté pour la ville de Québec, chateau_frntnac.

This is pretty much me. I'm a "classic eccentric", I like bright colors and fake fur and that kinda stuff, but I'm high on traditions and I think cars today look really awful, my apartment has "natural materials" like wood and stone, etc. I'm a fierce individualist, I believe in approaching the world "au cas par cas", to see people as individuals and not groups. I'm pretty intense and can be known to have a bad, sometimes explosive temper. I'm very loyal, I dont talk near enough cause I listen too much or dont think fast enough of something to say [I'm working on that] and I'm a hopeless idealist, and also a true solitaire at heart. I'm not anti-social, but I sure love doing stuff by myself, being free and on my own. I do have some near-autistic tendencies and if others might mind them [makes me look weird / insane or makes people uncomfortable sometimes], I dont.

I'm a writer ["W-R-I, T-E-R"] just like Paul Varjak ["V-A-R, J-A-K."] and I write novels. I'm working on an "epic - metaphysical - adventure" saga in 5 Tomes. Watch out J.K.Rollins. La relève s'en vient.

I dont have a job [I absolutely HATE working "regular" jobs]. I can afford it [I'm not rich but I can not have a job and be alive], I own the house in which I live and I'm getting by by any means legal & illegal that I know of. [J'suis plutôt débrouillarde, Bougon-style...] Plus temp work and steno-dactylo contracts on the side if necessary / wanted to travel or buy stuff. Permanent job/job that hasnt a set end date = death for me, I have quit several good-paying ones. I know, I'm a bum. A total psychopath and I assume it completely. Plus how could I ever do it? I'm rarely up before 1PM ever. I do seriously work on writing, at night often up until sunrise.

I have a perzine called Orange & Blue, I carry my paper diary everywhere [I can even write in it standing up, leaning against a bus stop], I like documenting things. I have an IBM Selectric typewriter [Ciphère], a portable Royal typewriter [Irène], a turquoise iMac [Limace] & my own biggo upright office photocopier [Pitbull]. I got my first typewriter at age 7 and I type about 55 words a minute using 3 fingers only. I love the gesture of writing with a pen and I quite like my handwriting too. Je travaille le papier.

I also like recording cassette tapes a lot, a habit I have taken up in early childhood. Not much mixtapes as tapes of country music I like on the radio, and "radio shows" on tape. I also like to make "ambiance tapes" [going somewhere and recording without anyone knowing] and I have the habit of recording the midnight mass at Christmas. When I travel, I often send tapes on which I talk inside letters. Lately I started reading aloud the text of graffiti and flyers I see on the street on my portable digital recorder. Hearing is my most developed sense.

I dont drive and I dont have a car but if I had one it would be a circa 1988 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Ltd and I'd only use it for travel, not for everyday runarounds. One day I'll go down to Florida to buy one and I'll drive it back up home. My city lifestyle makes it much more convenient to use the bus & ferry everyday.

Je vais souvent revirer au bar l'Ostradamus à Québec. I'm not much a fan of big flashy nightclubs [j'évite le Dag etc...], preferring little friendly, slightly crappy neighbourhood bars. I'll mostly have gin, or cognac, or scotch when they're out of cognac, or brandy or whiskey when they're out of both. [they are always out of everything] Hard liquor not beer. Wine at dinner with friends. Cant have rum without puking, an dmy vodka era has long been over. Bombay Sapphire in my flask at all times. I often bring my own food like cake or poutine or sushi or fruit to eat at the bar. I'm a long-time regular there and I like the fact that a lot of the people who go there are regulars, so it's like an extended family if you want. Plus, this bar seems to be sitting in a spot graced with a magical aura for attracting great people [great as in "great according to me", which means mostly weird / unusual / marginal types]. L'Ostradamus pour les ostracisés de Québec! Je vais aussi au Scanneur, Salons d'Edgar, Sacrilège, Temps Partiel, Barberie, Bal du Lézard, Pub St-Alexandre et un peu partout en ville. [Note: Je ne vais jamais nulle part à Lévis à part entre autour de chez nous et le traversier. À part au bord du fleuve, c'est une ville archi-plate de p'tits vieux, de condos pour p'tite famille de câdres rangée et de centres d'achats style Wal-Marde. Je préfère de loin faire mes courses sur la rue St-Jean.]

I like getting Ashton's poutine with sausage bits, or chinese take-out from a restaurant called Wok'n'Roll, to eat on the ferry ride home. I have a pager and a bus pass so my evening plans are always open and flexible, although most of the time people never page me when I'm in town, only when I'm sleeping or watching a movie at home. Or when they do, I dont hear the pager ring cause the music in the bar is too loud. I like adventures and I'm always ready to have some! I usually always forget my digicam home the nights there are the most action though. Gotta work on that too! Actually my camera is kinda bulky, I wish I had one of those really thin ones. But one day I'll get a real compact videocamera that can take pics so it'll act as videocam, digicam and audio recorder all in one. So I can carry it with me all the time and have all in one device. [I have way too much stuff in my bag all the time, my shoulders are getting weary!]

Yeah, the 4 walls in my bedroom are orange. I have something about that color.
I also have a lot of orange clothes, and sort my laundry [literally] like this: Dark, Pale, Orange. I've been growing my hair longer and back to my natural dark brown color [havent dyed it in a year], and I plan to get bright orange streaks in them soon, real ones, made at a salon! My years of Manic Panic disasters are over!

I live by the ocean St-Lawrence river
and during the night
I dive into it
down to the bottom
underneath all currents
and drop my anchor
This is where I'm staying
This is my home [-Björk, "The Anchor Song"]

Actually, I cant swim at all. And I cross the river on the ferry at least twice a day. Paradoxe et contradiction...

Late April 2004 I lost my best friend Malenikiy that you see with me on the photo. It's taken me a long time to mourn cause we were very, very close. He was more of a son or a partner to me, definitely not just a pet. He came to Vancouver back and forth me, we travelled on trains, buses, cabs and planes together. We were together all the time. He was such an awesome, incomparable companion. There are no words. The legend is true, my friends... forget about men... cats are much better! He's still in my usericons and will stay for a while, as I cannot bring myself to change them.

That is me for now. My hard times are getting to an end and things are falling into place. I've been taking care of myself [it's the first time I actually really do that] and I'm feeling pretty good, better than I have in years. I'm ready to start over again. I dont feel tired and drained anymore, I have energy and my zine #16 dedicated to Malenikiy is almost finished. I'm almost ready to turn the page, I am starting to think of maybe getting a new kitten, sometime maybe around November. I feel ready to take on new projects and I have ideas for new zines. I cant wait to have orange hair [July possibly] and my first ever tattoo [of Malenikiy's face, probably in August]. In a sense I am becoming a different person, but at the core I'm staying the same. J'évolue.

.:. My perzine: Orange & Blue
.:. My radio project: radio_orange
.:. My communities: Zine flyer Exchange:zine_flyer_xchg
Q. City community: chateau_frntnac

Oh yeah- Why do I have this LJ? What's my username about? [my LJ's "readme" or FAQ if you will...]
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